Gaming: your first look at F1 2015

Behold the first official screenshots from Formula One 2015, the racing game to make its Xbox One and Playstation 4 debut in June.

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This'll be the first time Codemasters' F1 series has appeared on the most recent generation of consoles, with the previous two seasons' titles limited to the increasingly creaky Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that, barring the Merc, there's an awful lot of 2014-spec machinery in the above screenshots. That's because, in keeping with the spirit of the 2015 season, most of the cars aren't actually finished yet.

It's promised that the final game will feature the option to flit between both the 2014 and 2015 championships, depending on your preferred flavour of Mercedes dominance. With June only a few months away, though, and a slalom of team, sponsor and FIA approvals for Codemasters to negotiate before then, don't be alarmed if the 2015 cars end up as a free downloadable update post-release.

Other reasons to be excited include, apparently, a new 'broadcast style presentation', which we're desperately hoping means awkward conversations on the grid with minor celebs and Bernie projecting bizarre missives onto the track. More likely, though, it'll be some new camera angles and TV-inspired graphical overlays.

Plenty of the updates over the last game won't actually be visible to the naked eye. Crucially, the physics of the game have been updated to offer better tyre feel, so you'll know when your Pirellis have fallen off the now-legendary 'cliff', because it'll feel like someone's sneakily buttered them.

In addition to the rubber, there have been tweaks to aero modelling, drivetrain simulation and even the weight distribution as the fuel tank empties. It's all spectacularly pedantic, but the result should be bring you that little bit closer to the fantasy of doing Lewis Hamilton's day job.

Also new for this year is voice control, compatible with the Xbox's Kinect and the Playstation camera or headset. By barking commands at the screen, you'll be able to request information about your tyres, get an update on the weather or, if you're playing as Jenson Button, express surprise at the fact you're actually catching a Force India.

We'll have more on Formula One 2015 once we've actually played it, until when our guesses at how it'll play remain somewhat speculative. A bit like F1's chances of ending the season with as many teams as it started with. Maybe save modelling the Manor until last, eh, Codemasters?

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